Flaming Arrow Glitter Purple

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"The Sign of the Enterer is a text written using an algorithmic predictive keyboard program. This reading of the text by Stacy Jo Scott is accompanied by Jovencio de la Paz on the Moog Mother 32 system and Korg ms20.    The rudimentary artificial intelligence of the predictive keyboard was trained with source material from cyborg myth, queer utopias, writings from a late 1800s magical order, and descriptions of pottery found in ancient Roman England and Corinth.  The text of The Sign of the Enterer has two voices. One voice describes a speculative queer futurism in the style of a manifesto. The second voice offers specific descriptions of objects used in a ritual of enacting this utopic space.  These voices are in turns imperfect and ecstatic. The utopia they describe is rhapsodic and galvanizing, contradictory and imprecise, advocating for a shift of individual consciousness and claimed agency."